Regal Mexico Operation Receives 'Clean Industry' Certification

Juarez, Mexico --The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA – Procuraduria Federal de Proteccion al Ambient) has awarded Regal’s Reynosa electric motor manufacturing operation (Sociedad de Motores Domesticos) a “clean industry” certification for demonstrating high environmental standards, sustainable performance and social commitment.

In order to receive this exemplary certification, the operation needs to go through a comprehensive environmental audit for ensuring legal compliance and implementing best practices. This is an extensive audit process that tests the environmental conditions at the facility, identifies needed upgrades, requires corrective action where questionable conditions exist and identifies more environmentally-friendly process improvements.

The Reynosa team mantra is “let’s do what we say and let’s standardize what we do.” Success is achieved when the teams from all functions implement the necessary process changes and everyone from the top management to the direct operational employee develops new environmental health and safety (EHSS) standards or improves the identified outdated ones.

The certification is valid for two years and allows the business to use the clean industry logo on their products, documents and other communication materials demonstrating to the world our commitment to sustainable business practices.