Century V-Green Pool and Spa Motor

Save Some Serious Green
Many homeowners are switching to variable speed swimming pool pump motors and saving as much as 80 percent on their pool related energy costs – now that’s saving some serious ‘green’. Spurred by consumer interest in energy-saving products and government-mandated efficiency standards, Century® developed the innovative V-Green™ 165 variable speed ECM pool and spa pump motor, designed to provide a significant operation cost savings over traditional single or two-speed motors.

Reducing Cost of Ownership
The efficiency advantage of a V-Green 165 ECM pool pump motor is twofold: the electromechanical design is superior to traditional motor designs, plus the ability to reduce the speed of the pump system has a dramatic impact on pool-related energy consumption. Consider that a single speed motor runs at the same speed all the time while a dual speed motor has two settings: low and high. The low setting is best for basic pool circulation while the high speed setting is ideal for filtering, cleaning or operating water features.


Because V-Green 165 provides the option to adjust speed and duration on demand with three user-defined variable speeds, it consumes less energy.


For example, you can cut your RPM's in half, circulate half the water, but only use 12.5 percent of the energy. By doubling the run time at half speed, you will filter the same gallons as before, but consume only 25 percent of the energy. This principle is known as the affinity law and is the essence of the energy savings that variable speed technology provides.

The equation is simple - running a variable speed motor at lower speeds results in significantly lower energy costs. Reduced energy consumption means less money out of pocket for pool owners.

An 80 percent reduction in energy cost can translate into an annual saving of over $600 for pool owners opting to upgrade to a variable speed pump motor from Century. This savings also depends on factors including local utility rates, hours of operation, and length of the pool season. At this rate, a V-Green 165 premium efficiency motor can pay for itself in the first year of operation. Capable of delivering superior energy savings versus a standard single-speed motor, V-Green 165 motors are well suited for pump applications ranging from 1/2 to 1.65 total horsepower (THP). In addition, Century offers the V-Green 270 for applications requiring even higher horsepowers, up to 2.7 total horsepower (THP).

Century’s V-Green Advantage
The V-Green premium design begins with ECM permanent magnet technology, which is recognized within the electric motor industry as a superior electromechanical platform capable of maximizing energy efficiency. Century’s V-Green 165 variable speed ECM pool and spa motor goes beyond reducing energy consumption and lowering overall pool ownership costs with these premium features:


  • Versatile integrated timer with 24-hour scheduling meets current energy efficiency legislation (such as California’s Title 20) and eliminates the need for a separate timer, saving a service contractor valuable time and a pool owner additional equipment costs.
  • Adjustable speeds in 250 RPM increments (600 to 3450 RPM) offers flexibility to customize to specific pool conditions and designs to maximize energy savings.
  • Built-in user interface designed for ease of use and out-of-the-box operation and programming allows for drop-in energy savings.
  • Built-in automatic freeze protection helps protect the pool system to circulate water and protect the system from freezing conditions.