Rotor Motors keep the Aegir on Course

Reliability Key for Maritime Equipment
Maritime operations are always challenging due to ever-changing sea and weather conditions, often bringing work to a standstill. Reliability at sea is a key requirement for marine engineering and electrical equipment.

Marine motors, such as those manufactured by Rotor®, a Regal brand, are designed and constructed against water ingress, salt corrosion, lubrication failure and include features such as bearings and mounting feet sized for the extra loads that may be encountered in storm conditions.

Rotor motors keep the Aegir on course
In September 2013, Heerema Marine Contractor’s new Deepwater Construction Vessel, Aegir, set sail towards the Gulf of Mexico for three weeks of testing before starting its first project in that same area.

The Aegir is a Monohull vessel with the capability to execute complex deepwater infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra-deep water, and also with sufficient lifting capacity to execute installation of fixed platforms in relatively shallow water. A key attribute of the vessel will be its fast transit speed.

Rotor motors, known for their reliability, are installed on the Aegir’s barge mooring and anchor winches. For the anchor winches, Rotor motors type 5RN315L06A8 200kW IC410 were selected, providing all anchor movements of the ship. For the barge mooring winches, Rotor motors type 5RN315L06A8 190kW IC416 with a Pintsch Bamag were selected, keeping the ship in position during the pipe-laying procedures.


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