Rotor Motors Deliver Reliability to Deep Water Equipment

Maritime operations are always challenging due to ever-changing sea and weather conditions, often bringing work to a standstill. Reliability at sea is a key requirement for marine engineering and electrical equipment.

Marine motors, such as those manufactured by Rotor, are designed and constructed against water ingress, salt corrosion, lubrication failure and include features such as bearings and mounting feet sized for the extra loads that may be encountered in storm conditions.

A New Era
Recently, a new era in offshore work has begun with the Barge Master, a unique motion-compensation platform for use on flat top barges and supply vessels. The platforms provide a stable base for cargo during vessel-to-platform transfers and may also be used as a steady foundation for crawler crane lifting operations.

Rotor motors help stabilize offshore operations
Powering the system with Rotor electric motors provides years of reliable offshore service and complements the system design. Rotor motors are compactly built with high output power, fitting into the space available and producing the power needed to compensate for platform movement.

With massive and unrelenting forces involved, a critical part of the system is the hydraulic power pack, which is driven by marine approved electric motors supplied by Rotor BV.

Barge Master recently built its first platform with a 700 ton load capacity. The platform’s hydraulic pumps are powered by three 510kW Rotor electric motors.