Marathon Motor Adds Efficiency to Leading Recycling Plant

Merseyside, England-JFC Plastics Ltd is one of the European Union’s largest and most well established recyclers of post consumer plastic bottles. Not only does the group manufacture twin-wall drainage pipe from 100% waste post consumer plastic bottles, they produce a variety of diverse plastic products such as navigation buoys and a wide range of containers for use in the construction and agricultural industries.

In 2004, JFC Plastics opened a state of the art recycling plant at St. Helens in Merseyside, England. When their DC motor failed just a few years later, the company looked to change the drive package completely. The system was replaced by a more efficient and reliable drive package supplied by Regal Beloit-UK. This helped to alleviate costs and frequent maintenance work associated with the DC system.

JFC Plastics turned to Newton Tesla (Electric Drives), a Warrington-based company, for help. They worked with a team at Regal Beloit-UK to find a specific system that would provide the low speed torque, energy efficiency and reliability required by the compactor unit while also eliminating the majority of the regular maintenance required by the original DC system. A Marathon Electric 400kW 6 pole motor, designed to be inverter driven, was immediately shipped at Regal Beloit-UK.

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