LRP® Linear Rod Pump Lift System From Unico

Alternative to Traditional Pumping Systems
Evolution of fluid-handling pump innovation has led to improvements in traditional sucker-rod pumping (SRP) systems, expanding installation opportunities. Primarily due to its long history, SRP is a very popular means of artificial lift throughout the world; roughly two-thirds of the producing oil wells are on this type of lift. To maximize profits from these wells installation designs must ensure optimum conditions.

Conventional beam pumping units, such as a seesawing walking beam, consist of massive metal pieces that are hazardous to assemble and disassemble, and take up an enormous amount of real estate.

All four types of beam pumping units are less than ideal for urban installations, challenging spaces and environmentally-sensitive areas. These traditionally designed pumps can cause safety, sustainability and aesthetic issues.

Extending run life of the pump while maximizing production is the goal of all SRP operators. The primary challenge is to do so without starving the pump and causing damage to expensive pump components. For years, operators have been searching for a reliable and accurate way to control SRPs and improve their production.

Increasing Well Opportunities with LRP® Lift Systems
The LRP® Linear Rod Pump system developed by Unico is a revolutionary departure from traditional sucker-rod artificial lift systems. The patented LRP® system combines variable-speed control, simple mechanics, and industry-leading control software. The compact, lightweight solution is designed to be responsive to unique characteristics of each well.

The LRP® unit is extremely economical and easy to install costing only a fraction of a comparable jack pump without controls. Transportation, site preparation, and installation costs are minimal. The LRP® unit mounts directly to the wellhead, eliminating the need for a concrete pad and other special site preparations. It can easily be transported in a pickup truck, handled by two people, and installed with a small rig or picker. LRP® units can be up and running within two hours.

Beyond Technology
LRP® systems are ideal for applications where ordinances prohibit the use of beam pumps such as residential neighborhoods and areas where space is at a premium like urban parking lots. Due to the quiet operation and significantly smaller size of the system, it can be easily camouflaged in trees or fenced areas so it doesn’t detract from the outdoor landscape.

LRP® installations have proven to be successful in sensitive and difficult installation locations including forest preserves, lakes, flood zones, as well as state parks, where regulatory mandates require minimal environmental impacts.

Soft Landing Speed Profile Increases Sucker-Rod Pump Production
Unico's Soft Landing Control feature reduces rod stress and associated damage without sacrificing pump production. The downstroke speed of the pumping unit is reduced until the plunger enters the fluid to soften the landing and then increased through the remainder of the pump stroke to maximize production.

Minimal Footprint
With a footprint not much larger than the wellhead on which it mounts, the LRP® system can nimbly go where conventional SRP units cannot. This opens up new opportunities to tap oil and gas reserves that might otherwise be unreachable. Easy-to-transport, easy-to-install, LRP® units go where needed and can be up and running within two hours.