Ironman E High Efficiency Gear Reducers

Efficient warehousing and distribution centers are integral components of a business’ supply chain strategy, especially in today’s competitive global economy. Gear reducers are used in everything from driving conveyor belts to operating overhead doors. Because of the essential part they play in operations, efficient use of gear products is a key component to reducing energy and operating costs.

Spirited Opportunity
Miami-based Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc., (Southern) is a wholesaler and distributor of wines, spirits and beers known for its state-of-the-art distribution capabilities. The company strives to grow the business while minimizing its environmental impact through efforts targeted at saving energy and promoting sustainable environmental practices. With energy prices rising, conservation is a must for distribution centers like Southern’s Delaware distribution center (DC). Implementing warehouse modifications can mean improved efficiencies and big savings.

Delaware DC needed an alternative to its continuous purchasing and stocking of eight gear boxes at a cost of $300 to $800 each. The company had maintenance-intensive worm gear reducers that often leaked and failed, causing excessive plant downtime. In a search for a more efficient way to maintain their conveyor system’s motor and gear reducers, an important modification was made.

High-Efficiency Production
To modernize its conveyor system as efficiently as possible, Southern identified the IronMan E Series high efficiency gear reducers from Grove Gear™. By installing gear reducers designed specifically for the facility’s needs, Southern was able to help bring the 3.75-mile conveyor system back on track.

The IronMan E Series gear reducers provide a dramatic 60 percent more torque than the previously installed worm gear reducers, and use optional mounting bases and existing bolt patterns to fit without having to modify the conveyor. Southern’s previously installed variable frequency drives (VFD), rated to be used with the new 2 HP standard, provide greater variability of the conveyor speeds. Combining the VFDs with the IronMan E Series gear reducers increased available torque and allowed for the consolidation of distribution center ratios.

IronMan E Series Design Ingenuity
Grove Gear design ingenuity developed four IronMan E Series models that replace ten typical worm gear reducer center distances. This design concept reduces inventory at production facilities like Southern’s while offering customization of style combinations for specific needs such as matching VFDs.

The IronMan E Series design also utilizes modified helical-bevel technology which yields 90-percent operating efficiency to meet increasing demands for improved efficiencies in industrial applications. By placing greater attention on the efficiency of the entire power transmission system, Grove Gear engineers enabled this industry-leading efficiency that reduces energy costs while boosting productivity, reliability and profitability.

The IronMan E Series advantages including VFD compatibility and mounting versatility helped Southern remain productive during the upgrade. The company realized an immediate payback from the investment while achieving the ultimate goal of reducing on-going energy use and costs.