Tallest Building in China Includes Genteq Motors

Shanghai Tower is a 632-meter, 121-story building in the heart of Shanghai’s Luijiazui Finance and Trade Zone, adjacent to the Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center. When construction is completed in early 2015, Shanghai Tower’s distinctive transparent spiral form will showcase cutting-edge sustainable strategies and public spaces that wrap its perimeter from crown to base.

Meeting Requirements
Regal’s Genteq ECM X13 motors and blowers were selected for the Shanghai Tower’s VAV system by TROX®, an HVAC OEM, after passing TROX’s strict testing benchmarks, and meeting the sustainability standards used by engineering firms. Upon completion, over 1,400 Genteq ECM X13 motors will contribute to the increased cooling efficiency of the iconic building’s HVAC system.

Sustainability Features
Sustainable design is at the core of Shanghai Tower’s development. From the outset, the design team targeted LEED Gold and China 3 Star ratings. Some of the sustainable features are:

  • The façade’s taper, texture and asymmetry work in partnership to reduce wind loads on the building by 24 percent and subsequently reduces the structural cost by $63 million
  • The building’s spiraling parapet collects rainwater, which is used for the tower’s heating and air conditioning systems
  • The landscaped atria improve indoor air quality
  • Wind turbines at the top will generate 54,000 kWh a year in energy that will power the outer lighting
  • The 2,200 kW cogeneration unit will generate power and 640 tons of heat or cooling for the lower floors

The landmark building incorporates several additional sustainable features that will lower its energy usage: