Marathon MagnaPower® & Thomson Power Control

Dependable Power

Hospitals around the world rely on Marathon generators and Thomson power controls to keep facilities running during unexpected power outages and the most tumultuous weather events. An outage, even for a limited amount of time, can throw a hospital schedule into disarray, postponing procedures and jeopardizing patient health. Even an outage that lasts only seconds exposes high-tech healthcare equipment to potential software or hardware damage. And what if the back-up system fails? Seconds can turn into hours without respirators, light, heat or air conditioning.

Surprisingly, power outages happen with alarming frequency at big hospitals. Blackouts have often plunged hospital campuses into darkness when backup systems failed. In the healthcare industry, where dependable, continuous power is necessary for survival, many leading organizations trust Marathon generators to deliver vital resources. Together, Marathon generators and Thomson power controls give healthcare workers peace-of-mind to focus on their job, providing care for patients who shouldn’t have to worry about things like the hospital’s backup power system.

Indispensable For Critical Care

Power outages during natural disasters like hurricanes demonstrate the importance of dependable power. Sudden evacuation of hundreds of patients floor by floor at the height of a super storm is dangerous to patients, staff and rescuers. Making multiple trips down darkened stairwells with patients on battery-powered respirators, hand-pumped oxygen and other methods for retaining critical care can be prevented. 

Outdated backup power systems jeopardize medical infrastructure and could result in more than $1 million in lost revenue and other costs, according to Bridgewater, New Jersey-based Lawrence Associates. They could also put medical centers at risk for potentially devastating law suits. While the location of the backup power system and power distribution circuits within a hospital are important to sustaining power during natural disasters like hurricanes, state-of-the-art equipment that is up to current code is critical to ensure emergency power is available when it’s needed.

Reliable Combination

Regal innovation combines in Marathon generators and Thomson power controls to provide continuous monitoring of power for instantaneous backup need. Designed to protect against hazards, the transfer switch and generator system allow safe control by switching from utility power to emergency generator power and back again the moment it’s needed. The technology is seamlessly integrated for a system that ensures essential circuit coverage, load shedding and complete facility coverage.

Marathon generators like MagnaPower® and Thomson automatic transfer switches are engineered with sophisticated technologies and advanced design features that ensure transfer of power to critical-load applications. MagnaPower® generators offer powerful performance, reliable power generation and easy installation. A patented PMG-powered digital voltage regulator provides application flexibility that meets requirements in even the most remote locations when combined with a Thomson microprocessor-based control system. Connected inline with the utility service panel with advanced electronics, the Thomson system continually monitors the hospital’s connection to the local utility. When an outage occurs, it senses it immediately and starts the standby generator which will continue to run until utility power is restored, keeping big buildings like hospitals functioning as normal.