Making the Cut

Powered hydraulic rescue tools are commonly used by emergency first responders to extricate trapped victims from crashed motor vehicles. Recent years have seen improved auto manufacturing processes resulting in the proliferation of high-strength metal alloys and composite materials resistant to existing powered rescue tools.

In An Emergency
Extrication from a passenger motor vehicle is the most likely scenario confronting emergency responders involving high-strength steels and composite materials that will challenge the cutting and shearing effectiveness of powered rescue tools. Rescue tools need a combination of speed, strength and blade design.

Recently, auto manufacturers have been engineering lighter cars with better fuel economy; yet they still have strong steel to meet crash test ratings requirements. To achieve this, manufacturers started using boron, and other high strength alloys to harden the steel, making it lighter and stronger.
Several types of piston-rod hydraulic tools known as cutters, spreaders and rams are used to pry open vehicles involved in accidents when a victim may be trapped. Cutter blades are being designed with very wide openings to allow tools to engage the larger B-posts prevalent in today's new cars. This allows a single cut and quicker removal of the post or roof.

TNT Rescue Systems, Inc®
Ashippun, WI

A leader in the powered rescue tools industry is Ashippun, WI-based TNT Rescue Systems, Inc. Founded in 1991 by owner Tom Blanton, TNT Rescue identified a need for high quality, American-designed and -manufactured hydraulic rescue tools.

Powered by gasoline, diesel, self-contained generators, and even hand or foot pumps, these tools all use hydraulics at pressures up to or over 10,000 psi. Performance of the pump is critical to how a tool will operate, and key to this is a dependable single-phase motor.

The Power
Utilizing the best motor that is correctly sized and rated can last a lifetime with little maintenance, something necessary for emergency tools needed at a moment’s notice. Having a long-time relationship with LEESON Electric, Blanton knew that the company’s single-phase 1.75 and 3.5 hp motors would be the perfect fit for TNT Rescue’s powered cutters, spreaders and rams.

As an OEM for a niche product market, TNT Rescue depends on LEESON to keep their tools running. “LEESON is the only motor manufacturer that I’ll use with TNT Rescue tools,” said Blanton when questioned about what has sustained his company’s relationship with LEESON.

LEESON is a Regal brand located in Grafton, WI. Regal Beloit Corporation (NYSE:RBC) is a leading manufacturer of electric motors, mechanical and electrical motion controls and power generation products serving markets throughout the world. Regal is headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, and has manufacturing, sales and service facilities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Regal’s common stock is a component of the S&P Mid Cap 400 Index and the Russell 2000 Index.


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