Iconic Building Becomes Energy Efficient

Hidden Potential in EON 42 Motors
Great potential can be found in what drives most of the equipment that delivers air and provides comfort to building occupants. Hidden within the Chrysler building’s massive HVAC system are thousands of Genteq® EON 42™ motors. The motors – the latest advancement from Genteq – enable the building to operate more efficiently and cost effectively while keeping its occupants in a more comfortable environment. Installed in over 8,000 air handlers that circulate and condition the 77-floor structure, the innovative motor is designed to provide reliable performance in heavy-use commercial HVAC installations.

Modern-Day Restoration
The Chrysler Building in Manhattan was the first fully air conditioned skyscraper and today it meets twenty-first century standards that include an upgraded heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system fit for comfort and the energy demands of the future.

The historic building was recently restored from a faded landmark to a destination for high quality business tenants. In addition to the HVAC system, the extensive overhaul included upgrades to the elevator, electrical, plumbing, fire, and life-safety systems. Each efficiency update contributed to the building achieving a prestigious Energy Star® scores of 85 in 2008, and most recently a score of 84 in 2012. The scoring program is set for high-efficiency buildings by the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program. Consumers are used to seeing Energy Star ratins on household appliances, and the EPA has developed similar guidelines for commercial buildings.

Building owner Tishman Speyer Properties also received a LEED gold certification for the 1.2 million-square-foot office tower. LEED, a program of the United States Green Building Council — the title is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design — evaluates buildings not just for energy efficiency but for the environmental soundness of construction materials and water systems and even proximity to public transportation. The designation places the Chrysler Building in the top performing commercial buildings nationwide by using 40-percent less energy and generating 35-percent less carbon dioxide than comparable buildings.


Retrofit to Improve Efficiency, Lower Costs
A building’s HVAC system manages indoor temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and distribution of air throughout the premises. And while HVAC components include motors, pumps, fans, ducting, and controls, the energy-saving benefits of installing a more efficient HVAC system with a variable-speed ECM motor can sometimes save a big building hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating costs, paying off the price of its installation in only a few years and delivering essential comfort to those inside.

Genteq Reinvents Efficient Comfort
The EON 42™ is a smaller version of the energy-saving ECM variable-speed product line by Genteq. It is an energy-saving solution for the standard PSC motor found in many fan coils and blower deck applications. The innovative design enables the EON 42 to save up to 56 percent of the electricity consumed by the motor and delivers efficiencies that exceed 78 percent. Easy installation with PWM control allows for fully variable speed retrofits. While many electric motor-driven devices operate at full speed even when the loads they are serving are less than their capacity, installing the EON 42 with variable speed drive allows the motor’s output to match its load’s actual demand, drastically increasing the motor’s efficiency. The Eon 42 provides wide range of horsepower, voltage, and features making it the simplest and most cost-effective upgrade solution for the Chrysler Building and your next commercial installation.