Collaboration Helps Meet Challenging Application

Floor care — specifically stripping and refinishing floors — poses various challenges for building administrators, contractors and environmental abatement wholesalers. However, cost is the primary issue because this process is both time and labor intensive. In fact, upwards of 90 percent is the estimated labor cost for the routine floor care process. Additionally, motor failure can increase downtime and maintenance costs.

Custom Motor Yields Results
Minneapolis-based National Flooring Equipment, Inc. manufactures surface preparation and removal machines. These challenging applications involve floor coverings including adhesives, hard wood, terrazzo, cement and tile. Prior to the company turning to LEESON® Electric, the machines were manufactured with a brushless DC motor and control that was sourced off shore; and were having up to 50 percent failures with these units.

Experiencing motor and control breakdowns with their existing supplier, National Flooring Equipment, Inc., approached their motor distributor, Electric Motor Repair® to find a motor and control that would stand up to the challenge of grinding remaining cement after old floor tiles are removed. Having worked with LEESON® in the past, Electric Motor Repair® knew this might be just the fit.

Testing To Get It Right
LEESON® engineers needed to design a package that could hold up in this demanding application. The first design with a PMAC motor resulted in the machine momentarily stalling when the inset diamond grinding tools made first contact with a hard bonded concrete surface. Additionally, the motor and encoder control failed and caused work stopping error codes. To clear the fault, machines had to be shut-off and restarted.

Through numerous prototype tests, LEESON® went back to the drawing board until the right design was engineered. The eventual solution was a stock three-phase, 3HP motor with a custom ACE VFD control. Unlike the PMAC package, open loop motor resisted stalling, via the control system and unexpected shutdowns. In addition, the motor is connected to a Grove Gear® reducer for a total package solution.

Great Results and Opportunities
National Flooring Equipment, Inc. has purchased over 100 motor, control and reducer systems this year. The total annual sales are estimated to be around 500 units.

LEESON® and Grove Gear® are both Regal brands that specialize in custom motor and reducer design and implementation. The collaboration with American Control Electronics® provided the opportunity insight and direction while solving customers’ challenging application needs through system solutions.