HERA-MAX™ Efficient Gear Drive—Motor System

Uncover Hidden Energy Costs

Managing a commercial or industrial property typically means working to implement efficiencies to control costs and create a sustainable facility. While energy is a big cost driver, its price cannot be controlled. You can, however, cut energy use through strategies that reduce consumption – something that can take place just about anywhere within a system.

One basic element frequently overlooked when developing an efficiency strategy is the drive systems comprised of worm gear boxes coupled with an electric motor. These drive systems run nearly every facet of a production line or facility.

Electric drive systems are everywhere. You will find them on conveyors, air handlers, pumps, mixers, hoists, compressors, and countless other applications. And electric motors, taken together, make up the single largest end use of electricity in the United States. According to a U.S. Department of Energy industry source book, electric motors account for roughly 60 percent of electricity consumption in industrial applications; in the process industries, electric motors account for more than 70 percent of electricity use.

It’s not unusual for a facility or plant to have hundreds of drive systems powering equipment of many types. Imagine if you could scale back the electric usage on all these drive components yet retain, or even improve, the same function. The savings potential would be significant.

Increase Efficiency and Cut Energy Consumption

Hub City Inc. and Marathon Electric – two innovative Regal brands – have developed the next generation of ultra-efficient electric drive systems designed to cut energy consumption by up to 40 percent. HERA-MAX™, a combined gear drive-motor, incorporates the HERA gear drive developed by Hub City, Inc., and a highly efficient MAX motor from Marathon Electric, into one modular unit. The innovative design allows components to be configured as needed, maximizing the versatility and flexibility of the drive to the application and increasing system efficiencies.

The HERA gear drive, with an astounding 90-percent efficiency rating, offers a smaller package and twice the torque of traditional worm gears. The MAX drive motor is Torque Matched™ to optimally operate the HERA gear drive and Performance Matched™ to be compatible with all pulse-width modulation AC inverters. Together, the HERA-MAX drive system delivers twice the torque of traditional systems, with efficiency ratings up to 2 to 3 indexes over NEMA Premium.

Typical Upgrade Payback in One Year

Compared to a traditional induction motor/worm drive duo, the HERA-MAX drop-in replacement uses less energy to drive the same load and torque in a production setting. The efficiency savings of HERA-MAX are significant over the entire speed range of the drive system. At half speed, HERA-MAX is a whopping 43 percent more efficient than the equivalent induction motor and drive. In many cases, upgrading to a lower horsepower HERA-MAX can save you money; in fact just one HERA-MAX replacement could save over $500 a year. Multiply that by several hundred units, depending on your operation, and a HERA-MAX replacement strategy can pay for itself within a year.

HERA-MAX Drive System Benefits:
• Lower cost of ownership
• Reduced energy use
• Increased production efficiency
• Longest warranty in the industry
• Half the weight, half the size of traditional worm gearing
• Modability™ reduces inventory